#52 Posies

At the start of January 2020 I launched #52 posies; a challenge to create a posy every week of the year, including in the depth of winter!  I’m posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook to show these and encouraging anyone that wants to join in to do so. 

So why do this?  My ethos as a business is to grow seasonally and perhaps more importantly to grow sustainably.  This means choosing flowers and foliage that flourish within my local growing environment, without the need for excessive watering or artificial heat and light.  The classic ‘right plant, right place’ applies to the Nature’s Posy plot as much as it does to any gardener, allotment holder or houseplant enthusiast!

Over the course of 2020, #52posies will show what’s available throughout the year, and I hope provide some creative inspiration to show how beauty can be created from all sorts of natural materials, including foliage, seed-heads, berries and branches.  I’ll be using the same posy vase (a re-purposed stemless wineglass approx. xxcm high!) to highlight the variety that the seasons bring, and I hope help people to re-connect to their natural environment. 

Ultimately as a British flower grower I’d like to help people to see British flowers and foliage as a great choice at any time of the year, offering stunning variety, scent and beauty for a fraction of the environmental cost of your average supermarket bouquet.

Posy #1!

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