About me

I’m Debbie Richards, owner of Nature’s Posy, a flower farm growing seasonal british flowers.

I’ve always loved gardening and for some time had been thinking about whether I could turn my hobby into something more.

And so in March 2019 with a vague plan and a leap of faith I left behind the office lifestyle and my career in Human Resources to set up a cutting garden/flower farm. The aim was simple; to supply seasonal and sustainable flowers to the local Cambridgeshire market. I want to bring real British flowers to people; flowers that smell like flowers, haven’t been sprayed with goodness knows what and haven’t travelled thousands of miles to get here!

I joined the Flowers from the Farm network in May 2019. The network supports small, local growers like me and we’re all on a mission to encourage everyone to embrace seasonal British flowers! In 2021 I became the East Anglia Regional Coordinator for the network. This voluntary role means I can help local flower farmers to connect with each other, share experiences and learning and give even more support to this growing industry.

I grow in an eco-friendly way. This means encouraging natural predators such as birds and ladybirds to help with pest control and using natural fertilisers such as home-made compost or nettle tea. I use minimal plastic and where I do use it, for example in plant pots, I re-use and re-use. I am completely no-foam in all of my floristry.

I’m also an advocate of the mental health benefits of growing, giving and receiving flowers. I think that connecting with nature is so important for all of us to maintain our well-being. One of the reasons I chose the name ‘Nature’s Posy’ was as a reminder of this.

To keep up to date with the goings on at Nature’s Posy, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or check in to my blog with news on what’s in season and some top tips for growing some of the flowers yourself!