A year of posies

I doubt the world will ever be quite the same following the events of 2020. It’s been tough for all of us. We’ve lost loved ones forever, been apart from others and struggled to keep working. Life as we knew it has changed beyond belief and even a simple trip to the supermarket requires a mask and a queue.

Without knowing how important it would become, I started the #52posies challenge – to create a posy every week of the year. My aim was to prove that we can find beautiful flowers and foliage on our doorsteps all year round. We don’t need to rely on imported blooms. The hashtag became used on Instagram by others, as I encouraged fellow flower farmers, gardeners and my followers to join in and create their own posy.

I had complete confidence in finding enough material for a posy each week. However, I had no idea how important it would be for my own sanity to keep a constant every Sunday. With all of the change going on around me I have taken great comfort in collecting and arranging flowers and foliage for the same vase in the same spot on the mantelpiece.

Nature is a great healer. There is much research to show how being around plants and flowers promotes better mental health, lower stress levels and a positive sense of well-being. I definitely think that looking at my posy from the sofa every day has helped me this year.

These are just a handful of the posies created throughout the year. The rest can be found by searching #52posies on Instagram, or scrolling through my feed (where they are intermingled with other hightlights from the year!)

I’m not quite sure what challenges 2021 will throw my way, but I do know that having my flowers around me will make them easier to get through.