Green is the new red!

Here we are – Valentines Day!

I follow lots of different ‘flowery’ people and businesses on social media and I’ve noticed a definite divide this year between the ‘natural, seasonal’ look of spring flowers and willow hearts vs the traditional ‘red rose’.

Valentine’s Day for many is a time of splashing out to show the one you love how much she or he means to you. Flowers are a perfect way to do this. But how much effort and thought goes in to buying a dozen red roses? Or a bunch of any supermarket flowers for that matter!?

This year I’m supporting a move to ‘green up’ Valentines Day, with an emphasis on real, seasonal flowers. But I want to add a little twist – thoughtfulness.

Showing someone that you care is much more than spending money. It’s about doing something thoughtful. For me, a perfect way to do this is to head out into the garden or into the countryside and pick some flowers or foliage*. Choose colours that your partner will love; whether that’s bright spring flowers such as narcissi or something pastel such as blossom.

Mixing flowers and foliage can make all the difference. Contrasting colours can be achieved by mixing yellow flowers and bright green foliage, or for a muted look try mixing white and pale pink blossom with blue-green foliage such as eucalyptus.

Put them together simply in a little vase to present your loved one with the perfect posy – just for them.

*If you do forage in the wild, do so responsibly and always ask permission from the landowner!

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