A reason to be cheerful?

We’re about to launch in to the most depressing day of the year; Blue Monday, or the third Monday in January.  For some this is a light-hearted way of describing how we might be feeling after Christmas excesses, the realisation that we’re just not going to stick to those New Year Resolutions and the thought that pay day is still a long way off.

For others though, January is no more of a depressing month than any other.  If, like me, you suffer from depression then you’ll know it can strike at any time.  But it can be tough to deal with over the winter months simply because the weather is wet and cold, we get up in the dark and come home in the dark and our trees and gardens look so bare.

But look a little closer and even at this time of year you’ll find life; birds pecking berries left in the hedgerows and bulbs starting to emerge from a winter slumber.

I’m still enjoying the #52 posies challenge.  It really lifts me to be able to potter around and find an unexpected flower, blossom or berry and mix that with something evergreen to create a tiny piece of my garden inside. 

Creating posies doesn’t require special floristry skills.  Just go outside, chop a few things that you like to look of and place them in a little vase.  Once you’ve done this, spend the week studying the different colours that you’ve found.  Even if everything is green I can guarantee there will be many different shades of green, shapes of leaf, patterns on twigs etc. to look at.  It’s easy to lose yourself doing this and those pressure few moments will help you to re-connect with something special; the natural world.

#52 posies; Week 3 challenge

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